"Corporate Ambidexterity" por Luís Rasquilha - Futurists Club Team


27 Julho, 2021

"The management of companies has been, until today, influenced by the management principles created in the 2nd Industrial Revolution. Principles based on mass production, which were leveraged thanks to the concept of division of tasks and the use of electric energy, implemented in 1870. Since that time, the operating rules of companies (with normal adjustments) have not undergone major questioning or changes.

For two centuries, management has been based on the hierarchy of decisions and functions, with a high focus on the value chain and maximum attention to the product, in a clear vision built "from the inside out". Despite the different changes that the world has been going through, namely at the beginning of the 21st century, companies have resisted changing their way of acting and thinking.

Named in 2016 by the World Economic Forum, the 4th Industrial Revolution arrived to change everything. Based on the use of physical-cybernetic systems, starting the era of connected industry and smart factories, this new reality has been expanding and extending to society and the world, with the growing influence of technology and connectivity. This phenomenon has changed consumer behavior and market dynamics. Traditional and established companies have lost ground to new entrants, who have been changing the modus operandi of management and business dynamics. The "startups" movement and the unicorn club keep growing. In the last 5 years, there have been 11.8 new unicorns per month, in addition to countless new initiatives. The vast majority with a clearly "outside-in" vision, attacking pains that until then were not even seen by established companies. It’s almost as if we assume that "No matter what your company does, somewhere on the planet someone is making a silver bullet for it.""

Confira o artigo do Prof. Luis Rasquilha sobre Ambidestria Corporativa para a Futurists Club Team.

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